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Data Risk

The frequency, sophistication, and severity of data exposure incidents continues to increase.


Enterprises have conflicting goals when developing data security strategies. The data must remain secure but it also needs to be accessible for business use. These opposing requirements lead to a difficult dilemma: choose controls which are too strict preventing legitimate use or loosen controls and thereby increase the risk of a breach and data exposure.

The Manetu Solution

Manetu resolves this dilemma by providing software that secures data while allowing for legitimate business use via its proven Vault technology with In-Model Encryption - the most powerful way to securely use your most sensitive data.

Structure-Aware Access Control

In-Model Encryption is the next step forward in data protection technology. Encryption at rest and fully-encrypted data transports are long-established best practices for data security. In-Model encryption adds fine-grained decryption capabilities to the data store so your access controls can be driven by your data model.

No More Compromises

You understand your business better than anyone. Building your Vaults with access controls that reflect your data structures gives you the benefit of maximum data security while retaining flexible business use of your data.

Our Solution

What do we offer?

We are a zero-knowledge platform. Our customers receive tamper, theft, and clone resistant authentication and key management for their most important data.

Fine-grained Security

Manetu Vaults are secured by state-of-the-art cryptography running in trusted execution environments. You are assured that your information is secure and the keys are always under your control.

Flexible Access Controls

Manetu provides robust Role-Based Access Control over each Vault. Combined with Manetu’s In-Model Encryption this gives you the maximum flexibility when defining your access controls. Powerful access control patterns such as data redaction, de-identification, or tokenization, each governed by strict need-to-know policies, are easy to implement.

Tamper-proof Auditing

Transactions on Manetu Vaults can be notarized on Hedera Hashgraph’s third-generation distributed ledger. You have a transparent, immutable, and automatically recorded audit trail for any access to your data.

Powerful Analytics

Manetu Vaults store data using modern graph database technologies. This allows you to analyze and discover relationships in your data in ways not available in traditional data stores.

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Security Without Compromise

Our Promise Your data security is our utmost priority

We believe that your data represents a wealth of business opportunities, and deserves to be treated with respect. Our goal is to protect your data while enabling safe and flexible access for all of your organization's use cases.

We built Manetu to be a secure data service that enables genuine opportunities for your business.

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