Protect your data.
Permission its use.

Manetu's solution allows your sensitive information to be securely accessed and analyzed throughout its lifecycle.

Business operations need to ensure data compliance.

Manetu’s data-privacy management service can turn your data-privacy obligations into assets. Manetu’s CPM® builds a bridge between customers and their data, they can directly interact with the information held about them, in real time - all the time. Customer data is vital to your business. Laws such as GDPR and CPRA impose tough new requirements.

Customer data is vital to your business. Laws such as GDPR and CPRA impose tough new requirements. The service helps great brands build trust with their customers and get more out of their data. Don’t fight your customers over personal data. Make privacy work for everyone.

Our Solutions

Information privacy is transparency.

We are a zero-knowledge platform. Our customers grant permission and access to their teams that require information.


Cloud native data vaults with advanced cryptography, secure enclaves and trusted execution environments


Policy based access to sensitive data with in-model encryption, redaction and de-identification


Graph usage models and efficiently manages information relationships


Administration is policy based for simple and operational tasks at cloud scale

Trusted by clients and partners worldwide

Consumer Privacy Management

Privacy Without Compromise

Manetu allows those customers to control of their privacy settings and data directly. They expect nothing less.

Transparency at a Reduced Cost

Data subject access requests (DSARs) are both costly in terms of time and money. Manetu allows organizations to respond economically and efficiently.

Manage Millions Effortlessly

Manetu allows users to manage consent and keep their data current, even across multiple jurisdictions with different rules for compliance.

Our Promise Data safety is our utmost priority

We believe that everyone’s online identity is a part of them, and deserves to be treated with respect. Protect their data, respect their privacy. It’s good business.

We built Manetu to be a data resilience service for business intelligence that is an enabler for creating genuine connections with your customers

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