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We make data smart. ™ 

Manetu's scalable, zero-knowledge smart data platform allows your sensitive information to protect itself.

Data Localization & Regulation

Data localization requirements and rules restrict data utility for global organizations, and encourage the creation of insecure copies. Each government has individual data security protocols that make it difficult to manage data around the world.

Storing Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Most cloud environments are not zero-knowledge, since cloud operators may have access to the underlying hardware and as a result, the stored data. Many organizations struggle to gather, store, analyze, and share sensitive data safely with authorized users, without breaching security regulations.

The Manetu Platform

We make data smart.™

Manetu provides a zero-knowledge, secure data platform where every piece of data and the relationships between them are individually access-controlled, encrypted, tokenized, and pseudonymized.

We make it easy to manage large volumes of sensitive

data at scale, so that users can get the data they need without compromising security.

Our Solution


Data Localization

Store data according to localization requirements, and ensure data security and utility while complying with different international privacy laws and data regulation. 


Cloud Security

Use Manetu's zero-knowledge, zero-trust capabilities with 'untrusted' public or private cloud environments so that sensitive data is not accessible for cloud providers or platform administrators.


Data Sharing

Share the necessary data with authorized users through Manetu's attribute-based access control that follows the 'least privilege' principle. Defined policies show different views of the same data, based on the user's access permissions. 

Our Graph

Manetu's graph database is unique in that when a query is made, we will automatically limit what is shown to the user based on their access permissions and the context of the query - even when the data is split over multiple vaults.

Our data platform allows organizations to tailor a contextualized view of the secured data from a single source on a request-by-request basis.


Data is protected by tamper/clone-resistant

secure enclaves.

Zero Trust

Every user and application that interacts with the system is strongly identified and granularly permitted access.

Zero Knowledge

The system maintains a high level of confidentiality. Only authorized users can access the data.

Policy Based Access Control

Customizable policies define the conditions in which users can access certain resources or data.

Track Usage

An auditable history

can be generated for

every interaction - allowed or denied.

Our Clients

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“Someday all data will be smart.
We make data smart, today
David Harris, CEO
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