About Us

Learn more about who we are and where we come from.

Our History

While working at the London Stock Exchange, co-founder and CEO David Harris grew concerned about data ethics, specifically the morality of using people’s information without their knowledge or explicit consent to create revenues. Thus, David had the idea of creating an information market for individuals that involved pushing for transparency and honesty from enterprises. After reaching out to friends who each had over 20 years of experience in various data-related fields, David and his co-founders, Binh and Greg, refined his idea and built Manetu.

Manetu works with enterprises to protect information by using our crypto-vault. By tokenizing peoples information, access is limited within the enterprise, preventing the proliferation of access to unnecessary users. Additionally, all access is monitored through an immutable audit log, meaning all information flow is tracked and recorded.

Executive Leadership

We’re excited to tackle one of the most important challenges in the modern Internet-connected world.

On the Internet Today, Everybody Knows You’re Not a Dog

Anonymity and identity have been defining issues of our online experience from the beginning, as Peter Steiner’s famous 1993 New Yorker cartoon attests.

But these are not the 1990s. Big data is big business, and almost every website you visit or link you follow is logged, categorized and scrutinized for the clues they offer as to how others can profit from our behavior, patterns and preferences.

They know you’re not a dog, but even as our virtual identities have become more valuable and more important, we have lost control of them.

New rules in California and Europe seek to redress that imbalance. The landscape is constantly changing, but the direction is unmistakable—our identities are too valuable to give away.

Consumers are reasserting control over who they are. They expect businesses to respect their data privacy, to allow them to see the portraits you hold of them, and to control how those versions of their identity are used. More and more, the law is on their side.

Manetu wants to help our customers build and earn that trust, using advanced technology to help consumers understand how their data is gathered, stored and used.

This in turn will build bonds of trust that will benefit both parties. By improving your ability to serve your customers, subsequently improving their satisfaction with the services provided.

We are here because respecting consumers’ privacy and personal data shouldn’t be a burden or an obstacle to overcome. It can become your business’ greatest strength. Let us show you how.