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Reduce the overall cost of security by using Manetu.

Reduce complexity and overall cost of ownership in security by using Manetu's Identity and Access Management.

Eliminating clean room environments.


Our clients can reduce the complexity of managing their users with Manetu’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) service. By working with your chosen Identity Provider, Manetu enhances security and reduces costs.


Manetu’s IAM provides a high performance authorization infrastructure that allows every interaction with a service or function to be controlled by policy, expressed in an open declarative policy language, and recorded to an audit log.


Without Manetu, IAM requires expensive and time consuming workarounds such as the need for clean room environments. Manetu changes that paradigm. The expenses of synthetic data, processes for moving data to clean rooms, and the physical clean rooms can be retired. This is especially relevant when using HIPAA related data or other sensitive data.

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