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How you measure is everything.

Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) to test your data policies for business use and move beyond checking off questionnaires.

Increase your security IQ via data categorization that evaluates your data via artificial intelligence.

Attestation is an integral part of data management and enforcement of data security policies. Most institutions attest to how data is intended to be used or how it is being used at a snapshot in time. In order to achieve this, manual processes are put in place where project or business managers review in-depth questionnaires checking off boxes as to how the data is being used. This process is one large data categorization activity.

How successful of a strategy is this?

There is no guarantee that a business or project manager will be able to correctly attest to all the data types and attributes under their control. Data is dynamic, and the original intent in usage tends to degrade over time. Policies also tend to be written with specific data and usage types in mind. Synchronizing these across your organization to ensure that everyone is on the same page via coursework and internal seminars is haphazard at best and will leave you with gaps. It is simply not possible to ask business and technology partners for all data types that could be similar to sensitive data that you need to attest to. With these headwinds, it appears that the manual efforts associated with attestation are counterproductive.

Yet there is a better way. Integrated policy solutions that evaluate data given artificial intelligence routines allow you to test all of your data attributes for sensitive data types. Automated categorization of data allows you to quickly search structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data for the sensitive data types that you are looking for.

By testing your policies directly on your data, you can gain valuable insights as to whether you have developed effective policies. Moreover, as you will quickly know the state of your sensitive data and the security used to lock it down, you will gain confidence in the access to it.

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