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Hype Cycle & Homomorphic Encryption

The promise of homomorphic encryption (HE) relates to the idea that the underlying cryptography protects your data even within an untrustworthy environment such as in the cloud. However, HE also suffers from limitations related to the notoriously large size of the resulting encrypted data, the slow speed at which results are computed, and limitations on the types of operations and data supported.

At Manetu, we approached the problem differently while still retaining the fundamental benefits offered by HE. Manetu leverages Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to create the same type of “black box” protection, even in the face of privileged users such as root-level admins within a cloud. In doing so, we can offer similar trust while avoiding the practical HE constraints of size, scale, flexibility, and speed.

Manetu individually encrypts and securely indexes any type of data with fine-grained keys and powerful access control policies, allowing you to express and protect rich data and their relationships. This provides your organization with industry-leading protection, control, and speed while using proven cryptographic algorithms and industry-standard protocols while maintaining critical observability, such as via comprehensive audit telemetry.

In short, you get the HE-like zero-knowledge execution, the algorithmic flexibility of full W3C SPARQL-based graph queries and analytics on any type of data, and Google-like horizontal scalability and speed. These capabilities are simply unavailable in any other platform, HE or otherwise.

Put your sensitive data to work today.

Stop struggling to fit your business problem into an unproven science experiment and get to work expressing and using your data naturally.

To learn more about data security & how Manetu can help, request a demo.

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