Privacy Policy

Manetu, Inc. exists to help companies discover and transparently govern the Personal Information that you share with them. Manetu’s team commits themselves every day to data privacy and data security. We built our cutting-edge data privacy platform with the most advanced technologies that gives YOU visibility and

control over your on-line identity and the comfort that your Personal Information is secure. We use Manetu’s Consumer Privacy Management (CPM®) platform to govern your Personal Information and allow YOU, regardless of your legal data privacy rights, to immediately view, correct and delete your Personal Information at any time.

Manetu’s data privacy policy is designed to help you understand how we collect, use, and safeguard the Personal Information that you share with us through the website (“Website”) and other sources. We want you to use our CPM platform to see what Personal Information we have about you, assist you in making informed decisions about sharing your Personal Information, and enable you to directly exercise your data privacy rights.