Consumer Privacy Management: A Look At Data Discovery

New data-privacy laws address the imbalance of power between businesses and individuals by introducing new data subject rights.

Dec 20, 2020

Swiftly and accurately fulfilling customer requests for access or changes to their data will build trust and transparency and ensure data protection compliance.

If organizations cannot fulfill these requests, not only do they risk disappointing their customers and losing their trust, but they also expose themselves to regulatory action.

Fulfilling these requests is challenging because personal data is often distributed across different systems, environments, structured databases, and unstructured data repositories. Furthermore, responding to these requests can get expensive fast. Gartner Research recently estimated that data subject access requests cost an average of $1,406 each to respond to.

Data Discovery and Mapping

When a consumer exercises his/her rights, such as the right to access or deletion, you must be able to find every place you store that data and implement the request of the consumer. Otherwise, the consumer request will not be fulfilled completely. You could even face fines for this.

Under both the GDPR and the CCPA, for example, you must delete personal data permanently if a consumer demands it. But even if they just want to see the data you hold on them, you first have to know where it is and what it is before you can present it to the consumer.

So the ability to produce a complete map of the data you hold and where you hold it is critical.

Manetu’s Consumer Privacy Management (CPM®) platform offers an end-to-end solution for the management of data subject requests.

Its data discovery technology unearths both structured and unstructured data from IT systems, databases, unstructured data repositories, and environments.

With Manetu--instead of a link to send an email to kick off a workflow to find the data, compile the data, etc., etc.--customers exercise their rights under the relevant laws via a self-service portal.

Before a request even comes in, however, CPM has been hard at work. When you first sign up for CPM.

After the initial data-discovery phase, CPM keeps its finger on the pulse of your data, so it stays current as information is added, removed, or changed on your systems.

This allows CPM to respond to data-access requests instantaneously and automatically--as soon as the user has authenticated themself, of course.

Using Manetu’s Privacy Portal, instead of an email-driven workflow, individuals can request access, deletion, or updates to their personal data. If an individual updates his/her address or ask for the deletion of certain data, for instance, this request is communicated to all locations that hold the relevant data. At our clients’ option, CPM can execute customers’ requests across all systems automatically, or require a validation step by you before the updates are recorded back into your internal systems.

Manetu CPM makes data transparency simple. We do data discovery differently, so you can respond to customer requests instantly, saving you time and your customers’ aggravation.