How Do Odgers Berndtson And Manetu Work On Data Privacy Together And Why This Is Great News For The World?

In executive search, having a large pool of talented and experienced candidates to work with is key to satisfying clients and matching people with the right opportunities.

Nov 5, 2020

In executive search, having a large pool of talented and experienced candidates to work with is key to satisfying clients and matching the right people with the right opportunities.

Furthermore, it’s not unusual to retain candidates’ profiles for extended periods in recruitment and executive search, as candidates often fit more than one opportunity over time.

These practices are business as usual in recruiting. And yet data privacy laws around the globe, such as GDPR and CCPA, still apply to recruitment firms and impose stringent legal obligations on their handling, protection, and disclosure of personal data.

Furthermore, recruits’ trust in recruitment and executive search firms plays a vital role in forming and maintaining a strong relationship between the two sides. One essential component of this trust-centered relationship is to give recruits more control over their data and be transparent about the data processing activities.

Aware of the heightened compliance challenges these new laws pose and the importance of trust in its relationship with prospective recruits, Odgers, a global recruitment firm, has teamed with Manetu to achieve compliance with global privacy laws and to keep their clients’ personal data secure, accessible and up-to-date with Manetu’s cutting-edge technology solutions.

No stones left unturned: all data Discovered & mapped

Executive search firms such as Odgers retain deep stores of data on job candidates and prospects, spread across multiple systems. Treating that data with care and discretion is central to Odgers’ approach.

Knowing where this data is stored, the source from which it originated, and how it may be used is vital to ensuring regulatory compliance. It is also essential for earning and maintaining trust with recruiting prospects and candidates. Recruits’ trust can only be earned by being transparent about data processing activities--in other words, by providing them with comprehensive information about what types of data about them is collected, stored, and used.

According to SalesForce research, 70% of consumers associate transparency with trust.

Moreover, keeping that data up to date is indispensable for effectively matching candidates with opportunities. Not updating new skills and certificates or having an obsolete availability status for job-seekers may result in missed opportunities for both sides. Under the EU’s GDPR, for instance, collection of excess data is strictly prohibited under article 5 and any unnecessarily collected data should be deleted immediately. If a recruitment agency does not discover what data it holds, however, it cannot remove such excess data from its records permanently and could face fines.

Likewise, California’s CCPA expanded the scope of what personal information is by including biometric and education information as falling under its scope, amplifying the need to discover every bit of data held about individuals.

This is where Manetu CPM proves invaluable: It uses machine learning algorithms to go through all your structured and unstructured data by connecting to your databases and identifying the personal data your business holds. It uses that data to create a complete profile of each individual the data relates to, even if data on an individual is present in multiple data stores.

One of the things that distinguish Manetu’s solution is that its natural language processing capabilities minimize the risk of overlooking personal data hidden inside unstructured data.

Thanks to Manetu’s cutting-edge technology, Odgers can be confident that it has identified the data it holds and can make it available to data subjects upon request. This will, in turn, make it easy for Odgers to ensure that it is complying with evolving rules concerning data relevance while keeping data up to date even when it appears in multiple locations across the organization.

Data access requests easily fulfilled

Restoring individuals’ control over their data is one of the primary goals of new privacy laws and giving them more rights over their data is one aspect of this policy.

Under both GDPR and CCPA, for example, data subjects have the right to access their data, the right to be informed about how it is used, and also ask for the deletion of or restrictions on their data and the right to data portability.

Time limits imposed on businesses to satisfy requests bring an extra challenge: GDPR requires the fulfillment of requests within one month while CCPA’s time limit is 45 days.

Failure to satisfy data subject requests or violating these time limits may expose firms to high monetary penalties as much as 4% of annual turnover under GDPR and $7,500 per record under CCPA.

Despite the obvious importance of data subject requests, businesses report that complying with data subject access requests is the most difficult aspect of CCPA compliance.

One obvious reason for this is the volume of requests received: 20% of companies interviewed in a Truyo study stated that they deal with more than 100 requests per week and expressed concerns over how to handle this volume.

Another common issue in complying with data-subject requests is employee errors. As found in a recent study, employees are quite often manipulated into sharing personal data with unauthorized third parties disguised as data subjects.

These common problems with data subject requests are heightened when it comes to executive search firms thanks to the sheer volume of sensitive data they must process and retain. Fulfilling data subject requests swiftly and automatically, largely takes human error and gullibility out of the equation.

To help Odgers comply with data subject requests, Manetu provides a self-service portal for individuals to access, update and revoke their information and make requests for “do not sell my data” and the deletion of data.

After Manetu CPM examines all connected systems and discovers every bit of data about every single individual, the discovered data is then uploaded to the self-portal in an encrypted form. Via this self-portal, a data subject can see which categories of data are collected about them, check its accuracy, edit them, and exercise their other legal rights under relevant laws.

Manetu’s self-management portal guarantees the swift exercise of data subject rights by automating the process and by eliminating human error.

Manetu CPM can also automate data updates and corrections. So when a data subject edits her data or makes a deletion request, every single database where data is stored can be updated and synced accordingly. This technology eliminates any discrepancy and assures the integrity and accuracy of the personal data held by Odgers. Thus Manetu helps ensure that Odgers can fulfill deletion requests, data update requests, and consent changes in a timely fashion.

In addition to facilitating compliance efforts, with Manetu’s user-friendly and convenient self-portal to manage data subject requests, Odgers will increase customer satisfaction and trust. No request goes unnoticed or unfulfilled. Data subjects can see what types of data the relevant business has about them and exercise their rights without any complex tasks such as filling out forms or reading privacy policies.

The whole process is automatically completed on a transparent and user-friendly portal managed by data subjects and this increases customer satisfaction and trust.

What does this mean for the recruitment industry?

In recruitment, trust is an important factor for both clients and recruits. By helping executive search firms comply with privacy laws and enabling talented people to exercise their privacy rights conveniently and transparently, Manetu fosters the trust needed in this sensitive relationship between Odgers and its talent pool.

As a bridge between talented individuals and valuable businesses, recruiters play a vital role in matching great talents with suitable clients. Manetu is pleased to contribute to fostering trust between the parties involved.