The State of Data Privacy

The most important voices in the data privacy world discussing recent developments and trends.

Data privacy and business nowadays

Daniel Farris (Partner specializing in technology, privacy and data security at K&L Gates) joined David Harris for the first session of State of Data Privacy. They deep dive into data privacy evolutions in the last years to discuss how the topic evolved, which businesses are touched by the changes and how to approach the matter proactively to make it a competitive advantage.

Homomorphic Encryption & Data Privacy

You are thinking very logically, but legislation is not always logical". Navigate with Eric Hess on which are the best legislations to start a company with, and which the pitfalls that every business runs into while approaching the data privacy topic.

Our guest will explain to you also a new strategy that technology is offering us to improve the security on the way we handle data: homomorphic encryption.

Recruitment trends for DPOs & CPOs

A top executive recruiter dishes on the top skills companies are looking for in 2021 and the ones that job candidates lacked most often in 2020. Investigate the recent transformations of Chief Privacy Officer and Data Privacy Officer roles, and their forecasted evolutions in 2021.
Our podcast will answer your questions about how to advance your career in data privacy.