The Manetu data crypto-vault provides enterprise class personal and sensitive data management services across critical business priorities.

What is a crypto-vault?

A repository where personal and, or sensitive data is ingested, secured and de-identified such that it can be used for analytics, testing, discovery and, other revenue generating capabilities.

The organizational challenge

Data use across organizations compromises security, privacy and, consent.

DevOps Team

Needs a copy of the data to develop new applications to maintain good client satisfaction.

Marketing Team

Needs a copy of the data for analysis to create new, targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales Team / Business Partners

Needs a copy of the data to run new sales plays, grow the business or deliver on goods and services.

Finance Team

Needs a copy of the data to run reports on how the business is doing.

Data Science Team

Needs a copy of the data to develop new models and algorithms to drive margin expansion.

These data usage models propagate risk as more exposure is created throughout an organization.

The Manetu solution

Manetu is a cloud-based application that sits between the consumer and the business application(s) they are accessing for services. Sensitive data is only shared with the business application once credentials have been verified. Our solution provides enterprise class data management services across business critical priorities. We focus on the following:

Data Stewardship

  • Protection
  • External threats
  • Internal misuse
  • Data proliferation
  • Privacy

Data Usability

  • Flexibility
  • Data accuracy
  • De-identified analytics
  • Auditability

Data Consent

  • Native support for consumer consent management
  • Preference management

Creating a trusted experience through transparency, consent and preference management. This is how the Manetu service works:

Manetu offers the highest level of protection for your most sensitive data through identity driven data cryptography at cloud scale.

With Manetu you can collapse your data vulnerabilities while enhancing trust

Improve Security Posture

For those who believe that there is inherent risks and costs associated with traditional moving & transforming of data and who believe that traditional solutions do not tackle removing data that is at risk in legacy systems.

Reduce Data Proliferation

Copies of data taken for various purposes mean that sensitive data is uncontrolled and at risk. Manetu dramatically reduces the risk by providing a secure hub for all enterprise sensitive data thus allowing you to eliminate it at the source systems.

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