Enabling Value Creation

This customer had millions of customer “identities” in their files. Worse, they were scattered across dozens of sources. Find out how CPM helped one of our customers wrangle that data.

The Challenge

New privacy laws require businesses to respond to consumer requests for the data held on them, and to correct, change or delete that data if the consumer demands it. But these “data subject access requests,” as they’re sometimes called, can cost as much as $1,406 each to respond to, according Gartner Research.

This customer had personally identifiable information spread across hundreds of data stores and applications, with no efficient way to find, track or report on it.

The Manetu Solution

CPM’s intelligent machine-learning algorithms scans those data stores and servers continuously, tracking PII wherever it’s found, and consolidating and organizing the PII into a “single source of truth” on those data subjects in our encrypted Vault. So now when a consumer comes and asks to see their data, our software has already done the work. Access requests can be fulfilled in seconds, rather than days or weeks. And if that customer wants to make a change or deletion, CPM can do that too, automatically. Just one example of how CPM makes compliance painless and saves our customers money.