Risk Mitigation

This retail company’s privacy policy required customers to make data-access requests by sending an email to an anonymous group mailbox. Those emails, in turn, kicked off a lengthy internal process spanning multiple departments. Manetu eliminated the ordeal.

The Challenge

New privacy laws require businesses to have accessible, readable privacy policies, and to allow consumers to access the data held about them upon request.

This customer, like many consumer-facing businesses, included in their privacy policy an email address through which consumers could make these so-called data-subject access requests. This email, in turn, launched a complicated internal process to gather that data and respond to the customer. Imagine that you ran your e-commerce business this way: To order your product, a customer would click on a link to an email address, compose their request, and send it in.

Once received, your employees would check the factory for inventory by hand, compile the order and email the consumer back, informing them of what they’d found in the warehouse. That might have been okay, barely, in 1997. But it’s no way to run a business today.

The Manetu Solution

Manetu’s CPM platform modernized our customer’s data-privacy handling, in line with the rest of its excellent customer-service experience. CPM automates data-access-request handling and manages personally identifiable information in real time. No more access-request fire drills or manual workflows to manage. Just seamless, efficient and automatic responses to customer requests.

Manetu replaced the email address in the privacy policy with a link from which our customer’s data subjects can access their information in real time. Which, when you think about it, is exactly how it should always work.

Don’t settle for less. Give your customers the Manetu experience.